Race Relations, Class, Voting Rights

Can We Talk? 

Yes, Cleo Scott Brown, author and speaker, actually talks about those subjects. You know-the ones we really should talk about, the ones we really need to talk about but simply don't because they can be quite uncomfortable. 

Cleo's company, History Matters Institute, is dedicated to using history to generate insightful and meaningful discussions about race, class, and voting.  Whether through books, newsletters, commentary, workshops, or speaking engagements, everything is designed with the goal of understanding, introspection, and change. 

Cleo is a gifted speaker, writer, and workshop leader whose talent is presenting sometimes uncomfortable history in a manner that puts audiences at ease and leads them to a place of increased understanding of themselves and others. Weaving in stories for her and her father's life, as presented in her book "Witness to the Truth", Cleo presents a history filled with lessons, wisdom, and inspiration for the current generation.  

History offers to us the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of past generations, recorded to protect us from repeating past mistakes.


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New Discussion Starter Guide Now Available for Raceology!

All you need to facilitate meaningful group discussions about race using my newest book, Raceology 101, can be found in this new discussion guide. 

Raceology 101

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Based on years of conversations on race, Cleo Scott Brown has identified recurring questions, issues, and areas of misunderstanding that negatively impact progress in race relations work. Raceology 101 is a collection of writings that will take everyone back to the basics—those fundamental issues that must be clearly understood and addressed to make meaningful progress in improving race relations.

A moving and powerful autobiography....a sterling example of the power of an individual voice raised in protest, of what happens when one person unwaveringly insists on what is right and just.
— New Orleans Times Picayune

Ouachita Parish Library Summer Adult Read Selection 2008

Essence Bestseller

published by University of South Carolina Press



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